Adam Kinzinger Singles Out Republicans For Traitorous Activities


Retiring Republican Representative Anthony Gonzalez’s (R-OH) called the ex-president a “cancer for the country,” The New York Times reported. And he certainly came down on the ex’s neck hard. But what if the cancer actually is in the Republican legislators on Capitol Hill and Trump is just a byproduct of their sickness?

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said that 45 was “winning” for the sole reason that the GOP side of the aisle had “remained silent.” Was that really how the diseased party managed to find themselves bound up with a deadly illness?

Kinzinger just released a video message talking about Representative Gonzalez’s retirement. Gonzalez voted to impeach Donald Trump after the failed coup on January 6. But then, he had to take on more personal security and worried about his wife and children and how all of this impacted his family. It sounded as if the Ohio Representative believed he had to choose between serving in the House of Representatives and the country, or his family.

That retirement weighed heavily on Kinzinger. Primarily, he wondered whether that meant “Trump won:”

‘A couple days ago, my friend Anthony Gonzales announced he won’t run again, and now the pundits and politicos are discussing whether this means that Trump won.’

‘So, let me answer this question. Yes, as of now, Trump is winning. Not because Anthony decided not to run but because so many in the Republican Party decided to stay silent.’

Kinzinger was one of two Republicans who served on the January 6 Select Committee. He, too, voted to impeach the ex-POTUS and has never shirked from criticizing the wayward president. Gonzalez announced his decision to leave last week, and when he did so, he noted that the Republican Party’s “toxic” state played a substantial part in his decision.

The previous White House resident made clear he would primary anyone who voted to impeach him. In fact. he has already picked one of his former aides Max Miller to take Gonzalez’s seat.

Our ex has been fast at work as a private citizen primarying Representatives Liz Cheney (WY), Fred Upton (MI), and Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA). Cheney also sits on the January 6 Select Committee in a leadership role.

Kinzinger argued that any Republicans who voted to impeach the former president were “fulfilling their constitutional duty.” Then, he lit into the other members of his party for “lacking the courage to speak out while privately hoping for change.”

The Illinois representative urged other members of his party in the House to stop the silence, to call out the man who refused to lose:

‘Ten of us voted to impeach Trump, 180 remain silent, and now it’s their turn. When we all publicly take sides, then we can answer the question, once and for all, whose party is this.’

The WEEK reported that CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees tweeted:

‘GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls former President Trump “one of the weakest men I’ve ever seen.” “Folks on my side like to use the term ‘snowflake’ when talking about people that get offended really easily. That’s Donald Trump.”‘

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