Additional Impending Indictments In Trump Company’s NY Criminal Probe Expected


The House of Trump’s foundation has begun to crumble after a constant barrage of judicial missiles fired into it by expert marksmen New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Cyrus Vance Jr. The trouble with the umbrella corporation is that the Trumps laid a weak layer of fraud into the concrete mix, leaving it too unstable to carry the full weight of the structure. Now we are watching it implode.

The Trump Organization’s former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Allen Weisselberg has been charged by Manhattan prosecutors for allegedly maintaining a tax evasion scheme. His attorney Bryan Skarlatos said at a pre-trial hearing in New York State’s Supreme Court that he also anticipates more indictments to be filed, according to CNN:

‘We have strong reason to believe there could be other indictments coming.’

Thus far, Weisselberg was looking at 15 state counts. Manhattan District Attorney (AG) Cy Vance said these included grand larceny, according to CNN:

‘The grand jury indictment alleged a 15-year tax evasion scheme in which Weisselberg received from the Trump Organization an array of luxury perks — including an Upper West Side apartment, a pair of Mercedes-Benz cars for him and his wife, and private school tuition for two family members — in lieu of compensation.’

Donald Trump himself has not yet been charged. According to prosecutors, Weisselberg allegedly concocted and maintained a 15-year tax scheme that allowed the former president to evade $1.76 million in taxes beginning in 2005. In addition, the former CFO has been accused of hiding his residence in New York City so that he could avoid paying city income and taxes.

The former CFO pled not guilty to these charges. Weisselberg had not appeared in court yet since his arraignment this summer. The attorney for the CFO did not name anyone else they expected to face indictment. However, they had been looking at the Matthew Calamari case, including both the father and his son.

After Monday’s hearing, an attorney for the Calamaris released a statement:

‘We remain in discussions with the District Attorney’s Office relating to [Calamari, Sr. Attorney Nick Gravante, said they] believe there is no basis for indicting [Calamari, Sr.]’

Attorney Nick Gravante said:

‘If they presently intended to indict him, I would have been informed. I haven’t been and, in fact, have been informed to the contrary.’

The judge agreed to a 120-day motion scheduled to begin in January but noted:

‘[M]any of the documents came from the defendants themselves [and their claims millions of documents was] a little misleading.’

Attorney Nick Gravante said:

‘[They said they] believe there is no basis for indicting [Calamari, Sr.]’

Skarlatos said that prior to the hearing, both parties met in the judge’s chambers:

‘It was represented to us by the [district attorney’s office] that this package includes documents found in a co-conspirator’s basement that are tax documents.’

Skarlatos did not name a co-conspirator, but The Trump Organization’s Controller  Jeff McConney had testified two times in the grand jury. For doing so, McConney received immunity.

A prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Solomon Shinerock  told Weisselberg’s attorney:

‘Mr. Weisselberg is the boss. Mr. Weisselberg is also not an innocent party caught up as collateral damage.’

Shinerock said:

‘Allen Weisselberg is no stranger to these documents.’

The court date was scheduled for July 12, 2022, but the trial probably would not begin until August or early September of 2022.

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