Another Trump Insurrectionist Who Assaulted Officer Ordered To Jail


Edward Lang, a Trump rioter who viciously assaulted police officers during the Capitol violence in January, will remain in jail ahead of his trial, per a new court order. As summarized in the Times-Herald Record, which is a NYC-area publication, Lang “allegedly kicked a cop who had fallen to the ground, over and over,” “Battered another officer 10 times with a riot shield,” “Struck police 16 times with a baseball bat,” and “Kicked a sergeant five times as he and another rioter pushed a door against the trapped officer’s head.” And he really thought he’d be let out of custody ahead of his trial? Seriously?

Assistant U.S. Attorney Melissa Jackson recently said that Lang’s “extreme and repeated violence that day puts him in a category all his own.” At the Capitol in January, Lang also worked to incite fellow members of the crowd in their violent push against officers attempting to defend the premises. At one point, for instance, he called out the message: “We are the real men, we are the real men, get in there.” Later on, he used an aluminum baseball bat in his assaults against police officers, and as the Times-Herald Record explains it, “Prosecutors say Lang stopped swinging only after he got shot in the foot with a rubber bullet,” while “One cop he struck limped for days and had swelling for a month.”

After the riot, Lang also touted his actions on social media and sought to bring in new recruits to participate in further political violence. In an Instagram post from January 14, he told viewers to “contact me if you want to be a part of the patriot movement.” He also “told his group they should march with guns in Washington and state capitols and take action on Jan. 17 and Jan. 20,” the Times-Herald Record adds. The “group” appears to have been through the encrypted messaging app known as Telegram. Via that app, Lang said in early January after the riot had unfolded that he was “getting a fucking arsenal together.”

Lang is one of over 600 Trump supporters who have been charged for their role in the Capitol violence. Although dozens of plea deals have been rolled out, most defendants have not yet accepted such a deal, meaning that jury trials for these individuals remain looming.