‘The Lincoln Project’ Hammers Republicans In Latest Video


The rotten peach of Georgia slung her bullet belts across her breasts just like a bandito in the old western TV shows. And with the same expression she always has on her face, she said that she had been “the most effective member of Congress this session.” Imagine that. Little Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) thinking she accomplished anything.  Is that not just cuter than a rug’s bug?

The Lincoln Project ran the whole motley Republican crew down the red carpet as they spewed their ugly sentiments all over the place. They called Democrats “sick and twisted individuals that [who] are destroying this country every day.” Did that hurt? Let us check. Nope. Continue.

Governor Brian Kemp (R-CA) blew up his backyard, bragging that he was going to “Blow up government spending.” So much for his wife’s she shack.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) called President Biden so untrustworthy it would be like handing your daughter over to Harvey Weinstein. Now, just how would he know how that felt?

Then, the man who would be speaker after we told him “No, no, a thousand times no,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made an appearance. He claimed that his party paid for “everything” the Trump administration spent. Wow. Even that $1.4 trillion tax freebie to the top one-percenters and mega-businesses?

Donald Trump was, as always, confused:

‘Obama’s probably running the government now anyway. ‘

And the forgotten child, Eric Trump, was rambling about the “unjustice” he was suffering. That or a lack of oxygen.

The anti-vaxxer leaders railed on about the freedom to die of coronavirus. Of course, they said in sotto voce, they had been vaccinated. And let us not forget the really unhealthy guy claiming:

‘I know my body.’

Well, good. No one else wants to know it.

Alas, the great crescendoing finale ended with the Viking AQnon Ramen noodle-in- training singing. Now that his role model was in prison, he was singing so off-key it made our eyes hurt like hard-boiled eggs.

Check out The Lincoln Project’s Last Week video right here:

‘Last week in the Republican Party…’

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