Trump Family Member Calls Him ‘A Loser’ After Latest Frivolous Lawsuit


When Donald Trump’s brother died at the age of 42, he and the rest of the Munster family decided to keep his brother’s inheritance rather than pass it on to the brother’s children. Imagine that. Robbing money from half-orphaned children. Still, his niece Mary Trump turned out quite well. She is not a loser, but clearly, Donald is showing us how much of a loser he is via the court system. He sued her for, get this, $100 million.

Mary Trump’s reaction was spot on. She explained, as Yahoo News reported:

‘[Lawsuits are] how the Trump family communicates.’

Well after his niece published two books about him and our government the week of September 20 was the time that he chose to set off a full set of dynamite’s fireworks? Now, why would he do that? Probably, his diversion was meant to change the subject.

The wicked Uncle Trump claimed that Mary Trump and The New York Times were mean to him. Donald Trump filed the lawsuit, as The Washington Times reported, claiming:

‘[Mary Trump and The New York Times] engaged in an insidious plot to obtain confidential and highly-sensitive records about his finances.’

In an interview on Tuesday, Mary Trump told host Charles Blow that no one in the former president’s immediate family had spoken to her about the lawsuit:

‘I think their way of communicating with people they disagree with is to sue them. And that’s exactly what they did.’

Of course, this was not the first time the dear old Trump family pulled something like this. It sued her in an attempt to halt the publication of her first book. That did not prevent Mary Trump from moving forward with it.

Mary Trump later sued the former president’s family “because I believe they committed fraud against me,” she said.

‘I guess this is how the Trump family communicates when they’re not getting along. We trade lawsuits. The difference being, I think mine has some merit.’

Former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-MN) found Trump on his first White House meeting on December 9, 2016 “incapable of concentrating  on anything.”

Trump nodded as Ryan spoke earnestly about taxes and health care, then looked down at his cell phone, which was ringing. It was Sean Hannity of Fox News. Trump answered the call as Ryan and his advisers sat silently, The Washington Post reported.

Trump said “Yeah, I`m here with Paul. Oh, you want to talk with him?” Trump looked at Ryan, then put the call on speakerphone. (It was Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity):

‘Sean, talk to Paul.’

Check out the video below:

As @MaryLTrump told me recently on my show #PRIMEwithCharlesBlow on @BNCNews, “I guess this is how the Trump family communicates when they’re not getting along: we trade lawsuits.” #MaryTrump #TrumpSues #TheNewYorkTimes #NYT’

Check out the video of Mary Trump and Sean Hannity:

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