Rudy Giuliani Gets Banned From ‘Fox News’ For Being A Degenerate


People around Donald Trump end up falling on hard times when he is finished with them. For example, his personal attorney before Giuliani, Michael Cohen took out a loan against his own home to pay hush money to Trump’s adult entertainer “friend” and his mistress. Yet, Trump left him in New York when he went to D.C. This is where you went wrong, Rudy Giuliani.

It appears that people are drawn to the ex’s magnetism like a moth to the flame. Just as the typical abuser, he pulled you toward him, making you feel as if you were special. This time it would be different. Except, it was not. Now, not even Fox wants you.

You pushed the Big Lie, CNN reported. You even peddled it from Budapest to Baltimore, according to The New York Times

And what bad timing. You, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindel, and the monster-wielding attorney Sidney Powell have been sued by the Dominion Voting System for $1.3 billion each for defamation. They alleged that you claimed their voting machines had been tampered with, that they threw votes meant for Trump over to President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Your fall from grace, Rudy, has been a spectacular head-first tumble down 45’s hill of doom. You lost your right to practice law in New York and even Washington, D.C. Now Fox has banned you from appearances for the past three months, and it does not look as if your future appearances on the network would ever return. That must sting. It became even worse.

On 9/11 eve, the network let you, the 9/11 mayor, know that you were persona non grata, The Politico Playbook reported. And what have you done to your son, Andrew? He was banned, too. We do not know when that began, but he seems to have been scratched off of the Fox guest list.

Right before you were to go on Fox & Friends September 11, its co-host Pete Hegseth called and apologized. He was tasked with the dirty deed of letting you know you were fired. Of course, you were upset. After all, you did a huge favor for Rupert Murdoch. A friend of yours explained:

‘He was instrumental in getting Fox on Time Warner so it could be watched in New York City.’

Naturally, you would want to argue. That is who you are. But then, they tell you that this decision came from the very top.

Sadly, your requests to have the voting machine lawsuit was dismissed along with those of the other two Trumpettes by a judge last month. Goodbye Rudy, we knew you when you were.

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