Informant Funneled Evidence To FBI From Inside Jan 6 Insurrection


Republicans and right-wingers in the media, in government, and on social media insist that the January 6 insurrection, which played out on television screens across the country, was not truly an insurrection. Capitol Police officers were injured, sprayed with bear spray, and beaten with flagpoles, but they insist the scene was largely peaceful. Most people attending  were like “tourists” who walked through doors held open by Capitol Police officers who were fighting off an angry mob who broke and climbed through windows with zip ties meant for binding members of the U.S. House of Representative and the Senate.

They also insist that the attack was not coordinated. The FBI was quick to jump to the same conclusion within several weeks afterward, saying they had found no evidence of a widespread conspiracy of pre-planning prior to the attack.

However, new reporting by The New York Times may call that into question. As it turns out, the FBI had an informant among the Proud Boys who was reporting everything that was happening in real time to the FBI. That, of course, had to have been set up prior to the attack on the nation’s capitol.

According to the piece by The New York Post:

‘In the middle of an unfolding melee that shook a pillar of American democracy — the peaceful transfer of power — the bureau had an informant in the crowd, providing an inside glimpse of the action, according to confidential records obtained by The New York Times. In the informant’s version of events, the Proud Boys, famous for their street fights, were largely following a pro-Trump mob consumed by a herd mentality rather than carrying out any type of preplanned attack.’

The informant insisted to his FBI “handler” that the decision to march to the Capitol and storm the building was organic and that none of the violence was pre-planned. In information obtained by The New York Times of messaging between the two, it appeared that the “handler” didn’t understand that the building was under attack. However, the FBI knew enough to put an informant on the scene that day and to follow the events from afar.

‘After meeting his fellow Proud Boys at the Washington Monument that morning, the informant described his path to the Capitol grounds where he saw barriers knocked down and Trump supporters streaming into the building, the records show. At one point, his handler appeared not to grasp that the building had been breached, the records show, and asked the informant to keep him in the loop — especially if there was any violence.’

As courtroom dramas across the country play out as Capitol insurrectionists face the consequences of their actions, the FBI’s account of the messaging from their informant makes it more difficult to prove that there was any widespread pre-planned conspiracy prior to the attack. However, no one has explained yet how the FBI knew to place an informant in the crowd or why they haven’t come forward with any insights prior to now.

‘But the records, and information from two people familiar with the matter, suggest that federal law enforcement had a far greater visibility into the assault on the Capitol, even as it was taking place, than was previously known.

‘At the same time, the new information is likely to complicate the government’s efforts to prove the high-profile conspiracy chargesit has brought against several members of the Proud Boys.’