Insurrectionist Who Assaulted Officers Ordered Directly Back To Jail


Maine resident Kyle Fitzsimons has been ordered to remain in jail ahead of his trial over charges including assaulting officers at the Capitol during the January violence there. An image of Fitzsimons has been made available that apparently depicts him in the crowd at the Capitol with blood on his head but seemingly undeterred. Besides a charge of inflicting bodily injury on law enforcement personnel, Fitzsimons is also facing charges including obstruction of an official proceeding, which can carry a sentence of up to 20 years.

In denying a bid for Fitzsimons’s release, U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras concluded that the defendant remained a danger to the community. As the judge put it:

‘When considering both Fitzsimons’s history of confrontational and threatening conduct in furtherance of his political views and his actions on January 6th, he has demonstrated a disregard for the safety of others and the rule of law. Accordingly, no combination of pretrial release conditions could reasonably guarantee the safety of the community.’

The judge also observed that Fitzsimons, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, had shown a “lack of remorse — and even pride” over his behavior around the Capitol. As Contreras pointedly put it:

‘Given his lack of remorse – and even pride – in his actions that day, the Court lacks confidence that Fitzsimons has somehow broken this pattern, and fears that the escalation of his behavior will continue and result in a graver act of violence given that the trigger for his violent acts – the election of President Biden – will be present for at least three more years.’

Fitzsimons is among over 600 Trump supporters who have faced federal criminal charges for participating in some form in the deadly riot at the Capitol in January. Most defendants, with an emphasis on those who have not been accused of perpetrating physical violence, have been allowed to leave federal custody ahead of their trials. Fitzsimons, though, is definitely not the first rioter to lose an attempt to get out of jail. Recently, Capitol rioter Edward Lang was also ordered to remain in jail ahead of his trial, and he too assaulted law enforcement during the chaos at the Capitol. Lang’s vicious assaults on officers included repeated swings with an aluminum baseball bat, and the New York publication known as the Times Herald-Record noted that one “cop he struck limped for days and had swelling for a month.”