Jen Psaki Rolls Over Fox Goon Peter Doocy For Dumb & Racist Question


Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy remains adept at asking self-important but vapid questions, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki remains skilled at shutting these questions down. At a White House press conference this week, Doocy questioned Psaki over why Biden hasn’t visited the Southern border while in office as president. Republicans, who seem just about forever obsessed with theatrics, have prioritized the idea of a border visit as some kind of panacea for immigration issues, which is simply not realistic. As Psaki explained it, Biden doesn’t need to engage in some kind of GOP-style show to meaningfully address immigration. It’s a serious policy area, not some kind of circus. People’s lives are at stake, and they’re not helped by derogatory patronization from the GOP.

Doocy asked the following:

‘Why hasn’t President Biden ever visited the Southern border?’

Psaki replied to Doocy by asking him what Biden would be expected to do at the Southern border. As she put it:

‘What would you like him to do at the Southern border, and what impact do you think that would have on the policies?’

After Doocy refused to answer and instead asked why Biden doesn’t “want to go,” the press secretary replied as follows:

‘I don’t think it’s an issue of wanting to go. I think it’s an issue of what’s most constructive to address what we see as a challenging situation at the border and a broken immigration system. And his view is the most constructive role we can play is by helping to push immigration reform forward, helping reform the broken policies of the last several years, and listening to his team of advisers who have been to the border multiple times about what the path forward should look like.’

What is it with the Republican obsession with putting on some kind of show? After Doocy re-upped the same line of questioning yet again, Psaki insisted that Biden “is well aware of what the challenges are in our broken immigration system, something he watched closely over the last four years.” Watch Psaki’s comments below: