Biden Announces Immigration Rule To Bypass Texas Judge & Help Kids


A Texas federal district judge has ruled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy was unlawful. He shut down these completely Americanized young people’s rights to apply for protections.

President Biden responded by announcing a new rule. This one would recreate DACA for the “Dreamers.” Homeland Security has designed a “preserve and fortify” rule to identify and address any problems with how President Barack Obama’s program was implemented, according to CNN.

In July, the judge ruled that DACA violated the Administrative Procedures Act in 2012. By doing so, the judge left the program’s benefits intact for around 600,000 people who could not obtain legal status after their parents brought them into the country. However, it halted any more people from turning in applications.

CNN explained how DACA worked:

‘According to the proposed rule, to qualify for DACA, individuals must have arrived to the US before their 16th birthday, have continuously resided in the US since June 15, 2007, are currently in school or have graduated, have not been convicted of a felony, and do not pose a threat to national security or public safety, among other criteria.’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just released a statement reading, as CBS News reported:

‘The Biden-Harris Administration continues to take action to protect Dreamers and recognize their contributions to this country. This notice of proposed rulemaking is an important step to achieve that goal. However, only Congress can provide permanent protection.’

‘I support the inclusion of immigration reform in the reconciliation bill and urge Congress to act swiftly to provide Dreamers the legal status they need and deserve.’

The ex-president in his quest to tear down everything President Obama did while in office tried to kill DACA in 2017. However, it remained court-bound after the courts ruled against Trump’s method of doing so.

When President Biden took office, he signed an executive order to shore up the program. But as every Democrat on the hill knew, Congress must give DACA permanent standing.

Senate’s Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, who decides which parts of the upcoming Build Back Better bill can be attached to the spending bill. She gave her opinion on whether the bill fits within the scope of that- spending bill, and her vote was no. Of course, Congress can overrule her, but that rarely happens, because it would totally discredit her. Democrats had hoped to deal eight million green cards to Dreamers, but that will have to come in a different more traditional manner.

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