Gregg Abbott Continues To Fall In Latest Popularity Polling


Most GOP politicians have banked their futures by handcuffing themselves to Donald Trump. The conservative media, the ex-president, and other politicians condemned the COVID-19 vaccine, careless about how many of their constituents landed in moble refrigerated mortuary trucks. They must reason, if Trump does it, it is okay. No, no, it is not. In fact, mimicking the ex-president is dangerous.

Take Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. Eight hours had barely passed after the Arizona election “frauditors” announced that President Joe Biden won — again. We found that the Texas governor had already received his marching orders from Donald Trump to hold a Texas audit. Coincidentally, we heard that the Cyber Ninjas were free.

A new poll conducted by The Quinnipiac University showed that a full 51 percent of Texas registered voters believed that Abbott was undeserving of retaining his governorship versus 42 percent who wanted him to serve a third term.

Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said:

‘A lukewarm to downright cool response to an Abbott rerun in Austin, but compared to the high-profile young guns who may have eyes on a possible gubernatorial run, the governor is tall in the saddle.’

Just last June, a Quinnipiac Poll showed Abbott with 46 percent of the Texas voters for another run, 48 percent disagreed.

When questioned about whether they approved of how Abbott has been doing as governor, just 44 percent of the state’s voters said they did approve. Forty-seven percent disapproved of his work product.

Abbott’s approval ratings had not dropped below his disapproval rating since Quinnipiac started conducting these polls, until now. The correct terminology for that was “being underwater,” which was not a good thing, because politicians have traditionally preferred to breathe.

Malloy continued:

“Despite high marks for his handling of the economy, emotional lightening rod issues like policing the border, containing COVID-19, and legislating the right to choose in Texas are not helping Governor Abbott’s standing with the voters.’

Recently, the governor has been hitting the headlines. He just signed the state’s most restrictive abortion law in the nation, when Texas was already very tight with its abortion laws. Then, there was the voting rights bill that sent a whole bevy of Democratics to Washington, D.C. trying to forestall the law.

Oh, Donald Trump had already endorsed Abbott in January for the governor’s 2022 race. Inside of his Republican party, 83 percent approved of how he has been handling his job. A mere 12 percent disapproved.

Malloy concluded:

‘The tidal wave of refugees from the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, wracked by the assassination of its president, crushed by yet another devastating earthquake, held captive by murderous gangs and victimized by a COVID surge, no doubt evokes sympathy. But Texans say sending them home was the right choice.’

The bad news came from Independents and Democrats. Only 43 percent of the former thought he was doing a good job, and a simple six percent of Democrats agreed.

The Quinnipiac Poll interviewed 863 registered Texas voters from September 24 through September 27. The margin of error was 3.3 +/- percentage points.

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