2024 Polls Show Trump Falling Fast As His Legacy Crumbles


Since 2016 when Donald Trump won first the presidential nomination for the Republican Party and then became president in an election where he did not win the popular vote but went to the White House anyway, the GOP has been the party of Trump rather than the party of “Republican values” like small government and state’s rights that they once claimed to be.

The sycophantic attitude toward Donald Trump may be rapidly making a turnaround soon. Not only have big money donors abandoned him for Ron DeSantis, DeSantis is now within the margin of error of being nose-to-nose in the presidential race if the election were to be held today.

The Super PAC who released the poll, a PAC started by Trump’s former national security advisor, said that:

‘A new national survey conducted by John Bolton Super PAC of likely voters revealed huge political damage for both Donald Trump and Joe Biden stemming from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The deepest impact for Trump was suffering a stunning 20-point drop with 2024 Republican primary voters (46% in July to 26% in September). The poll finds Trump virtually tied (26.2%-25.2%) with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This dramatic movement is the strongest evidence yet that Republican voters are tiring of Trump. 57% of Republicans say ‘to move forward we need new leaders and fresh faces.’ The poll was conducted after the withdrawal from Afghanistan was completed.’

One of the primary issues influencing those polled at this time was the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and how that withdrawal was conducted by both Trump and President Joe Biden. Biden’s approval rating is currently 48.6 percent, down from a high earlier this year of 55 percent approval. Trump’s highest approval rating during his presidency was 47.4 and he left office in 2021 with an approval rating of 44.1 percent 38.5. At the same point in his presidency that Biden is now, Trump had an approval rating of 33.1 percent.

When asked who voters would choose if the primary elections were held today, the vast majority, including a large majority of Republican voters, chose a generic candidate over Trump.

‘Neither Trump or Biden fared well on Afghanistan, with a majority saying major mistakes were made by both Presidents and a slightly larger group (55%) saying it was a mistake for Trump to negotiate with the Taliban. A majority of voters (51%) said the U.S. is less safe as a result of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, including 77% of conservatives. Voters also disagreed with the strategy entirely, with 57% saying troops should have remained and 81% agreeing the Taliban supports terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. Consistent with our prior polls, the desire for a fresh face continues to increase.’

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Trump’s popularity has dropped significantly since he left office, with even most Republican voters indicating that they’ve had about enough of him. Considering DeSantis’s adherence to the Trump doctrine, it wouldn’t be surprising if he couldn’t get enough votes to win by 2024.

‘Since former president Trump’s popularity has dropped with voters since the 2020 election, 57% to 29% agree that a new Republican candidate – a fresh face – would be a stronger candidate to defeat Joe Biden in 2024. Trump’s vote dropped from 46% in July to 26% in September in the 2024 Republican primary field. He is now virtually tied, 26.2% to 25.2% with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.’

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Image via Bolton Super PAC