‘The Lincoln Project’ Rallies America To Fight For Women’s Rights


“When Mama is not happy, no one is happy” may be a paraphrase from around the Civil War time, but it still rings oh so true. Republicans in the U.S. Capitol seem to have not only forgotten such sage advice, but probably never really learned it. This predominately White, male, rich, and elderly group needs to quickly get on board with the noted wisdom or go down really hard. This is why.

In another one of their remarkably adept mini-videos, The Lincoln Project has once again captured this moment. We women are not happy, nor have we been for quite some time. We are the ones who have to anchor the home during a pandemic that killed 700,000 Americans as of Friday. Remember when nearly half a million, the biggest U.S. protest ever, protested in the  D.C. Women’s March when we realized Donald Trump won? There and around the country, that was nothing compared to now.

After the horrid Texas abortion law and the rapid-take-over of many states’ voting systems, we are mad. Very mad. Who uses drop-off or mail-in ballots? Well, since women juggle about 16 balls at once, maybe we are the greatest majority of users. The Lincoln Project thinks so.

We have had to become homeschool teachers. We may have lost our jobs, and yet we manage to bury our loved ones at the same time.

All of a sudden, the GOP has gone on a rampage in a blind effort to control women, and we do not think an old rich guy in Washington D.C. has the right to tell us what to do with our bodies. Once they are able to get pregnant and bear children, then we might listen to them. Maybe.

We know who you are. And we are coming for you in the tens of millions. You mess with our children, our parents, our right to vote, and this is what happens:

‘We’re mad as hell and cold as ice. And we are coming for you.’

The Lincoln Project stands in full support of our coming weekend protest:

‘The Lincoln Project is not a public policy organization, but we will always stand up and fight against authoritarianism. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the millions of women across the country marching this weekend.’

Republicans, you messed with the wrong women, and we are coming for you.

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