Trump Hotel Has Become A Ghost-Town As Family Downfall Continues


We wonder whether Donald Trump can afford to run again for president in 2024. It is obvious that amidst all of his legal woes, he has lost a great deal of wealth. That is unless he managed to do what ousted Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani did when he fled his country for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The guy loaded up four cars and one helicopter with all the money he could stuff into them Reuters wrote. But maybe the ex-president did not.

Is it possible that he is going to sell the Trump International Hotel? And what does that mean? When the ex-president was in D.C., the hotel was the hot spot for the MAGA jet set and the tourists who wanted to watch him set himself on fire, their cameras held steady.

It appears that business in his hotel has gone out the front door. Although dance music greets people, there are few people to greet anymore. The Washingtonian’s intrepid reporters decided upon a sneak attack.

All it took to for them to slip into the HOTEL GUESTS & INVITEES ACCESS ONLY entrance was a smile. The time was 5 pm when they probably synchronized their watches and moved out. The huge lobby was cavernous and the occasion clink of dinnerware for the Baker’s dozen diners echoed. And echoed. It was eerie.

The reporters headed to the bar, as reporters are wont to do, and grabbed a martini plus a plate of fries. After a while, a man came up to them and asked:

‘Are you part of the Trump book club?’

Not likely. As he meandered away, they wondered “Who was that maskless man?” Later, a sole woman came into the bar for a glass of Grenache. She said as she scanned the empty spaces:

‘I usually order the Trump wine, but . . . .This is really a change from what it used to be. It used to be packed all the time.’

She tossed back her wine and headed out. Alone.

Apparently, The Trump Organization has been trying to dump the hotel since 2019. Odd, since that is where all the royalty, lobbyists, and dictators hung out. But the hotel industry operates upon a fine line of profit, usually. And the former POTUS’ enterprises have a cluttered history of going broke Instead, the family business had to put up a “for lease” sign, glitzy we imagine.

Unfortunately for the hotel and pretty much everyone else in the country, the coronavirus crept across the nation taking 700,000 of our loved ones as it spread. So Trump pulled his Washington hotel off the market.

The Washingtonian reporters waited for the crowds to come, but they never did. The historic place appeared to have sunk back into history already a somber tomb. At 7 pm, the elevators had not moved even one time.

One guy highly interested in making a reporter connection strolled up and asked:

‘You ever write about Harris?’

The guy must have been talking about Vice President Kamala Harris. Then, he scanned the room “suspiciously” and said in voce sotto:

‘Meet me here at 10 o’clock. Get a few Irish whiskeys in me, I can tell you a lot of things.’

That would have been a several-hours-long wait. And chances were his “lot of things” would have been as empty as the whole gaudy tomb of times gone by.

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