Sidney Powell Banned From Interacting With Trump Family


According to a new report, “knowledgeable sources tell The Daily Beast that the places [Sidney Powell is] unwelcome now include Trump properties, where advisers look to keep the former president away from her.” Powell, of course, has been closely involved with efforts to undo the outcome of last year’s presidential election, which evidence has repeatedly proven that Joe Biden legitimately won. She’s engaged in litigation and what essentially amount to public relations efforts, and to this day, she continues to stand by the demonstrably false idea that the presidential election was somehow rigged. And now, she’s being walled off from Trump World.

Powell’s “unrelenting antics have put her on an informal list of people to intercept should they ever appear, or if they even just try to call the 45th U.S. president,” The Daily Beast explains. That “informal list” of people to block from accessing the former president apparently includes other people and has been cultivated by certain individuals in Trump’s circles. More specifically, The Daily Beast adds that “Two lawyers who currently work for Trump or in the former president’s inner orbit say they want absolutely nothing to do with her and have cautioned others in MAGAland to do the same.” (The lawyers go unnamed in the original article.)

As one source for The Daily Beast put it, Powell “is very much on the no-go list,” and that individual added that her “problems right now do not need to be the [former] president’s problems.” Those problems include litigation: she has been sued for a hefty sum by Dominion Voting Systems, a voting technology company that has been the subject of election conspiracy theories that she and others have spread. She was also recently sanctioned in Michigan in connection to a lawsuit that she helped push there seeking to overturn Biden’s win in the state. The magistrate handling those proceedings, federal Judge Linda Parker, also referred Powell (and the other lawyers involved) for possible suspension or disbarment, and a hearing to apparently consider these potential consequences for Powell was set in Texas for early next month.

It’s worth noting that, despite Powell suddenly finding herself less than welcome in Trump World, the former president continues to promote the false claim that he was the rightful winner of last year’s presidential election.