Adam Kinzinger Goes After ‘Fat’ Donald Trump Weekend Take-Down


In recent days, a report emerged from The Daily Mail claiming that prominent Trump ally Corey Lewandowski had claimed to a woman named Trashelle Odom at an event in Las Vegas that he had stabbed more than one person to death over the course of his life. At this same event, Lewandowski has already been reported to have sexually harassed Odom, and his claims of having perpetrated stabbings — whether true or not — fit in with his documented attempts to intimidatingly target her. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) quipped in response to the report from The Daily Mail that Lewandowski possesses “stabby eyes.”

As Kinzinger put it:

‘Hmmmmm. Certainly has “stabby eyes” but let’s hope this isn’t true?’

Kinzinger also addressed attempts to give former Vice President Mike Pence some form of credit for declining to go along with schemes to throw the presidential election to Trump. Within Trump World, individuals including the then-president himself claimed that Pence, in his role overseeing the joint session of Congress for the certification of the presidential election outcome, could block the certification of certain electoral votes. In reality, vice presidents do not possess such power, and Pence opted against pretending as though he did have such a legally recognized ability.

But as Kinzinger put it:

‘He gets credit for THAT, but lately he’s gone to Hungary, and bragged about staying in touch with fat Donald. Really is incredible how close we came, and how some want to just “move on”‘

Hungary is currently led by an authoritarian right-winger who is favored by some Republicans. Meanwhile, Kinzinger currently serves as a member of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, so he’s in a prime position to fight against the trend of wanting to “move on” from what happened in connection to Trump’s desperate attempts to stay in power despite the clearly expressed will of the people. Recently, that House panel has issued an array of subpoenas, targeting individuals ranging from former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to Katrina Pierson, a former Trump campaign official who has been reported to have served as an informal go-between for the Trump White House and the rally efforts in D.C. that preceded the January Capitol violence.