Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Challenger Reports Staggering Fundraising Haul


Marcus Flowers, a candidate in the Democratic Congressional primary race for the seat currently held by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), revealed this week that he’d raised over $1.3 million between July and September — a staggering amount. As summarized by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Flowers’ donor list “boasts more than 162,000 contributions from at least 110,000 unique donors in all 50 U.S. states,” and the Congressional contender, who is a veteran, says that he’ll use the money to support a “big expansion of our in-district paid staff and our in-district volunteer team.”

Flowers has received the endorsement of national organizations including the progressive advocacy group VoteVets. Meanwhile, Greene often seems interested in focusing on theatrics. She appeared at a selection of rallies alongside Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) over recent months, where she and Gaetz promoted the false claim that Donald Trump was the rightful winner of last year’s presidential election. She has more time on her hands these days after she was removed from her committee seats in the House following the re-surfacing of past support that she’d expressed for executing Democrats, among other issues. More recently, Greene has also occupied herself with stumping for the Capitol rioters, some of whom have shown considerably more remorse than the public figures whose rhetoric inspired their actions.

On Twitter this week, following the revelation of his fundraising totals, Flowers said that Greene “spends more time spreading lies across the country than helping the people of her district,” and he added that “Georgians deserve a real representative, and that’s why I’m running to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene.” Greene’s district is heavily inclined towards Republicans, but upset victories happen.

Elsewhere in the midterm elections, Democrats will be hoping to hold onto their slim control of both chambers of Congress. In the Senate, which is more closely divided than the House, three currently GOP-held seats are rated as toss-ups by the Cook Political Report, including spots in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, the latter two of which were among Joe Biden’s victories in the 2020 presidential election. Not a single Democratic Party-held seat is currently rated as a toss-up by the same source.