‘The Lincoln Project’ Targets GOP Attempt To Hijack Democracy


What is the problem with Republicans? Well one of them is the hypocrisy between their public and their private lives. Back when President Richard Nixon was in office, one of the U.S. senators was seen sneaking his mistress into a back hospital door for an abortion, illegal at the time. In public, he adamantly opposed abortions. Ah, the old double standards dance. Wait. The Lincoln Project found another case.

The guy running for Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin (R) is matched against governor against Terry McCauliff (D). Thus far, 12,000 Virginians have died in the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked what he thought of President Joe Biden’s  “sweeping new vaccine mandates,” Youngkin claimed to be a “strong advocate” for the COVID-19 vaccines. But did not think he had the authority to “dictate” workers receive one, according to the AP:

‘I have been a strong, strong advocate for everyone to get the vaccine. I do believe that individuals should be allowed to make that decision on their own.’

Interesting. He did not seem to apply that logic to the abortion law. Youngkin wanted to “ban abortion.”

It has been very important for states to retain Democratic governors. Otherwise, the. GOP would sweep out all the people’s votes and wishes, including a free Democracy. McAuliffe came back saying this about masks in schools:

‘His Day One plan would be to unleash COVID because he doesn’t believe we should mandate vaccinations.’

More hypocrisy rose to the surface like the debris rising off of beans. Youngkin said schools were safer with masks. But here was the thing. All the time he was saying that he sent his own kids to private colleges costing $40,000 a year — each. And get this. They have had to wear masks.

Youngkin clearly cared about his own kids, but he does not care about yours. Just ask The Lincoln Project people. Take a look at their latest video below:

‘.@GlennYoungkin opposes mask mandates for Virginia’s schools, yet sends his own kids to an out-of-state private school that mandates masks.

‘Youngkin cares about the safety of his own kids — but not yours.’

Featured image was a screenshot via Twitter.

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