Schiff Declares GOP Colleagues ‘Insurrectionists’ During Monday Rebuke


We can see it on the faces of Democratic legislators. They are frustrated, angry, and more than ready to unfold the truth behind Donald Trump’s Big Lie. But although that issue has been wedged between the gears of democracy at work, it appears to be loosening its grip on the country. Take a look.

In his new book Midnight in Washington, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) argued that Donald Trump took these United States to the edge of nihilism with his Big Lie according to The Washington Post. But even worse Schiff said was the Republicans’ “unforgivable” meekness and obedience to Trump.

Schiff appeared on ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Good Morning America (GMA) show Monday. He told Stephanopoulos about what he saw on January 6, the day that Donald Trump set his followers on fire and aimed them directly at our citadel of freedom, the U.S. Capitol Building. The former president came extremely close to overthrowing our government and becoming its dictator. This was all due to Trump not being willing to be a loser, which of course, he was and continued to be.

The California representative recalled the first time he ran into a Republican on January 6. He told the man, according to ABC’s Good Morning America:

‘”How long have you been here?” Because I didn’t recognize him. He said “72 hours,” and I said “72 hours?” “Yes, I just got elected.’ All I could say was “It’s not always like this.”‘

‘I couldn’t imagine being a new member and facing this, but I couldn’t imagine any of us facing this. I couldn’t imagine people climbing outside the building, we started hearing the windows shattering. The police were shouting at us to get out, and some of the Republicans were telling me “you can’t let them see you.”‘

The Intelligence Committee chair said he was “oddly touched” that his Republican cohorts were concerned over the consequences had the enraged mob found them. But that quickly faded only to be replaced by anger. Schiff said:

‘[H]ad they not been pushing out these lies about me, about the election, none of us would have to be worried about our security.’

‘Frankly, in the days, after when the trauma for a lot of us became even greater, I was most angry with these insurrectionists in suits and ties. These colleagues of mine who knew it was a lie, because a lot of people attacking the Capitol believed the lie.’

Schiff has been frustrated with the knowledge that the Republicans knew the election was fair, even though Trump insisted otherwise:

‘[T]hey just don’t have the guts to speak the truth, and to me, that’s unforgivable.’

The California representative called Trump “a petulant child,” “weak,” and “unbalanced mentally” in his book. Plus, he accused the former president of “politicizing America’s intelligence agencies and treating the Justice Department as his personal law firm.” But Schiff did not stop there. He held the Republican Party responsible for the insurrection, too.

The Post described Midnight in Washington as a “manual for how to probe and question power, how to hold leaders accountable in a time of diminishing responsibility.”

As importantly, Schiff said that the January 6 insurrection was “hardly the last gasp of Trumpism.” He said:

‘[Should] our differences and inequities cannot be legitimately reconciled through an open electoral process — that is the moment democracy is lost.’

‘Our present circumstances are desperate. but we do not have the luxury of despair.’

Watch the interview on ABC News here:

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