Arizona Voters Turn Against Kyrsten Sinema En Masse For Obstructing Biden


Arizona voters are growing increasingly fed up with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who has garnered considerable negative attention over her obstruction of the Biden agenda. At present, she is resisting a $3.5 trillion social spending package that Democratic leaders have put forward and that Democrats could pass — if Sinema supports it. Due to the currently close party breakdown in the Senate, not a single Democrat in that chamber can oppose the legislation and it still pass.

More broadly, Sinema has also supported keeping the Senate’s filibuster rules, which demand the agreement of at least 60 Senators in the 100-member chamber before moving forward on most bills, and which therefore force most successful bills to be at least somewhat bipartisan — although Mitch McConnell isn’t known for bipartisanship. In Arizona, a political action committee (PAC) called the Primary Sinema PAC has sprung up, providing a somewhat unified front for Arizonans’ opposition to Sinema’s antics.

In a new video released by the advocacy organization More Perfect Union, Arizona activists including Belén Sisa spoke out regarding their frustrations with Sinema’s apparent willful ignorance of her constituents’ concerns. Sisa, who (among other things) is a co-founder of Undocumented Students for Education Equity at Arizona State University (USEE @ ASU), commented as follows:

‘You have a choice. You either represent us, or we’re going to find a Democratic Senator who does… We have tried to reach Senator Sinema more times than I can count… And time after time, she has proven that she’d rather listen to her corporate donors than listen to the people who walked in 110 degree heat to get her elected… Arizonans are struggling. They were struggling before this pandemic… We did our job. We got her to Congress. Now it’s her turn to do the job we elected her to do.’

Check out the video below:

The effort to formulate opposition to Sinema is gaining traction. As the Primary Sinema PAC put it on their Twitter account this week, the “thing about Kyrsten Sinema’s obstruction is that she’s actively hurting the rest of the Democratic Party, including President Biden, and her home-state colleague Mark Kelly. And for what? We won’t be able to re-elect Democrats if the party doesn’t deliver on any promises.” She’s not standing up for moderation — she’s standing in the way of what considerable portions of both the Democratic Party and Americans at-large want to see get accomplished. Who is helped by Sinema’s insistence on catering to her donors while Democrats are left trying to piece together progress?