Attorneys Across America Deny Trump Request For Jan 6 Defense


Donald Trump scraped the rank water at the bottom of the barrel and came up with dye-gets-in-my-eyes Rudy Giuliani and the sea monster wielding Sydney Powell. Are there any attorneys lower? Maybe. Maybe not. Here is the situation.

Trump frightened off most of the top D.C. attorneys. One reason was that he refused to pay them, The Independent reported. And second, he was a terrible, terrible client. They decided he could not pay them enough to accept the maddened verbal abuse the ex-president rained down upon people around him. Besides, who would want to put their name next to a delusional man who still thinks he is president?

Law firms have been standing way back from the former president. University of California at Berkeley law professor who held a senior Justice Department position in the George W. Bush administration, John Yoo said, CNN reported:

‘It’s not a 10-foot pole, it’s a 1,000-foot pole.’

Apparently, Trump’s people recently approached “at least four well-known lawyers” who said no. But the former president upon hearing this released a statement indicating that he had not approached these attorneys:

‘I don’t even know who they are, they are just looking to get publicity. I am using lawyers who have been with us from the beginning. I do pay my lawyers when they do a good job.’

The former Bush attorney added that the ex-president should have had a “top 10 national law firm,” but Trump did not qualify for their services:

‘You’d want to see a top 10 national law firm with a big, experienced DC office handling cases that test constitutional issues, such as how much say a former president has over the confidentiality of his records. You don’t see that here. It’s quite glaring.’

Yoo continued, noting that the ex-president probably would be facing a “complex and expensive court fight:”

‘That sets up the possibility of a complex and expensive court fight — where Trump may need to sue if he disagrees with the National Archives’ approach to his papers. It’s possible that the questions he could raise in court about executive privilege may need to be settled by the Supreme Court.’

Former well-known attorneys who have worked with Trump in the past, but have no interest in coming back to him “included Jay Sekulow and Ty Cobb.”

Trump’s people approached white-collar attorney William Burck who represented 11 of Trump’s associates three times. Burck said he wanted to “stay away from how toxic Trump’s situation has become.”

Former White House counsel Patrick Philbin defended Trump during his first impeachment trial. He may still be working for the ex-president.

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