‘The Lincoln Project’ Celebrates Trump Claim That MAGA Won’t Vote In ’22


In a statement this week, former President Donald Trump insisted that Republicans “will not be voting” in upcoming elections unless the imaginary fraud that he claims cost him his 2020 election victory is “solved.” In reality, not voting in future elections means that Republican candidates will — wait for it — lose. Is Trump’s grand strategy to lose elections in order to “own the libs”? The anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project offered mocking support of Trump’s statement this week, insisting that Republican voters “should absolutely” boycott upcoming elections. It’s for the good of the country!

As the organization put it:

‘Trump is right — Republicans should absolutely sit out the midterm elections.’

There is not and has never been any legitimate evidence in support of Trump’s notions of fraud. No court has accepted the claim that Biden’s win was the result of fraud, and officials in every single state — every single one — have attested to the integrity of the election outcome. And just to show the laughably bonkers ignorance of some of these claims, an assertion recently went around (on a Mike Lindell website) that there’d been electronic manipulation of the vote-counting process in every single Idaho county. The problem is that some counties in Idaho do not have electronic steps in their vote-counting processes. That’s the level of aptitude that observers are working with here. These people have no idea what they’re talking about.

So, that said: Republican voters sitting out upcoming elections means that Republican candidates are more likely to lose those elections. It’s that simple, since that’s how math works. Still, as for the Republicans who do participate in the electoral process, troubling numbers of them support Trump’s lies about the election. Should more of these people be elected to power, then they’d be in positions to inflict real damage on the democratic process in the United States. Republicans supporting Trump’s election lies are even running for Secretary of State in key locales. Generally speaking, Secretaries of State directly handle running elections. Letting an election liar take on that role could be disastrous.