Adam Schiff Singles Out Kevin McCarthy For Betraying America


Adam Schiff appeared with MSNBC’s host Jonathan Capehart on The Sunday Show to talk about what would happen if Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) replaced Speaker Nancy Pelosi and became the House Speaker. The California Democrat said, “We’re not messing around here” in the January 6 Select Committee:

‘We intend to go after anyone who doesn’t provide information that they’re lawfully compelled to, to our committee.’

The Speaker’s job is one that obviously tantalizes McCarthy. Schiff spoke about a conversation he had with the House Minority Leader, who lied but did not deny it.

Schiff explained, “You can see how duplicitous so many of my colleagues are. That conversation was in 2010, it was long before Donald Trump,” The Insider Reported:

‘He was really made for an hour like this when his party is led by someone who believes that the truth isn’t truth and you’re entitled to your own alternate facts. In my view, there’s nothing more corrosive to a democracy than the idea that there’s no truth and you cannot allow someone with that little regard for the truth to get anywhere near the speaker’s office.’

The Intelligence chair said “functionally, Donald Trump would become speaker:”

‘If Kevin McCarthy were to become speaker, then functionally, Donald Trump would become speaker, because Kevin McCarthy would do anything that Donald Trump told him to do, no matter how wrong or unethical, and we cannot allow that to happen. So, look, I think in the midterms, very much in a real, not intangible sense, democracy will be on the ballot.’

In an interview with John Berman on CNN Tuesday, Schiff came down hard on the Republican legislators who have continued to spread misinformation. He was also angry that these Republicans considered decertifying the election on January 6 and giving it to Trump.

Schiff said the 150 “insurrectionists in suits and ties,” including McCarthy, tried to “overturn the election:”

‘What angered me the most, I think, about that day were these insurrectionists in suits and ties who were still, even after the bloody insurrection, even after the shattered glass and the death of that day, were back on the House floor trying to overturn the election.’

He continued:

‘Unlike those people climbing outside the building, they knew it was a lie. The true believers were out there attacking the building. But inside the chamber, my Republican colleagues know it’s a big lie.’

The Schiff interview with Capehart is below:

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