Marjorie Greene & Matt Gaetz’s ‘America Tour’ Is A Colossal Flop


At first, Marjorie Greene was hauling in the big bucks and Matt Gaetz was covered by a wealthy father. This not-dynamic duo has been crossing the country on their America First tour, but now something has gone wrong. The most recent campaign finance filings show that their popularity is tanking.

Their tour is down to $13,000 and change after raising $360,000 in the first two months. On the road, their true characters came out. They started canceling a number of stops, although, they did manage to make Iowa. But the duo spent $159,999 from July 1 to September 30 and raised only $57,000, The Mother Jones reported.

Now, Greene raised over $8.8 million through her campaign fundraising efforts but she has expensive tastes in fundraising consultants, vendors, and operatives. The ProPublica reported:

‘But more than a quarter-million of that money raised from the grassroots went into the pocket of a political consultancy registered to a man named Isaiah Wartman, who was named as Greene’s campaign manager during her run last year. Greene also spent hundreds of thousands on direct mail, printing, postage, and the cost of renting lists of donor names to solicit.’

The Department of Justice is investigating Gaetz for participating in an alleged sex trafficking operation with an under aged girl, according to The New York Times. Donors have backed off of him for that. But he keeps spending:

‘Oddly, for a campaign that seems to be burning through its cash, Gaetz’s campaign spent lavishly on stays at hotels and resorts across the country. In total, the campaign spent $29,867 on lodging over July, August and September, including $2,300 in early July at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Naples, Florida; $2,100 on an ultra-luxury hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon, in early September; and almost $1,500 on a Kimpton hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts in August.’

Based on their inability to balance a checkbook Why would America trust them running the country?

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