Alexander Vindman Makes Urgent Plea To Hold Trump Accountable For Crimes


During a new appearance on CNN, ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman spoke of the urgent need to hold former President Donald Trump and certain cronies of his accountable for their betrayal of American democracy. Vindman first rose to particular prominence in connection to the first impeachment proceedings against Trump, when he helped lay out the truth of how Trump and his allies had sought to pressure Ukraine into investigating the Bidens. Vindman decried the fact that Trump wasn’t held entirely accountable after that debacle — the GOP-led Senate acquitted him — and he insisted upon the requirement of holding Trump accountable as the country attempts to move forward.

In the time since those first impeachment proceedings, a Trump-inspired riot unfolded at the U.S. Capitol — and after a subsequent impeachment of Trump on a charge of incitement of insurrection, enough Senate Republicans banded together to acquit him once more. On CNN, Vindman indicated that he would advise members of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot to seek Trump’s testimony, which is something that certain panel members have indicated as a possibility.

Vindman pointedly observed as follows:

‘I think what ends up happening is, if Trump and his cronies are not held accountable, this becomes a rehearsal for a future insurrection. We need accountability to deal with the crimes, the criminal activity from the previous administration, to be able to expose the “Big Lie” of stolen elections, to expose the [ex-]president’s wrongdoing, to expose the corruption of his proxies, and if we do that, we could start chipping away at the “Big Lie.” We could start bringing this country back together.’

Should Trump be hauled in for testimony to the riot investigation committee, it seems safe to assume that legal fireworks could ensue. He’s never been known to be accommodating to those challenging his misconduct — and the riot investigation committee has already announced that they’ll be formally recommending charging former top Trump adviser Steve Bannon with contempt after he resisted a subpoena. They’re serious about this.

Vindman observantly added the following:

‘The [ex-]president should be brought to justice; he’s not above the law. I felt that was the case when I reported presidential wrongdoing and presidential abuse of power. And if he lies in front of the commission, then he should suffer the consequences. The problem is that he has not suffered the consequences [for his previous actions].’

Check out his comments below: