Feds Strip Insurrectionists Of Their Precious Gun Licenses


Florida state authorities within the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services — led by Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is a Democrat — have announced the suspension of concealed firearms licenses for six individuals who were involved in the January Capitol riot. The specific individuals whose firearms licenses have been suspended have not been publicly identified, since Florida laws demand that such information be kept private. But, a press release from Fried’s department outlined how officials there have the legal responsibility to take actions along these lines when license-holders are charged with disqualifying offenses.

The department “has the ability to and is legally required to immediately suspend a license if the licensee is charged with a disqualifying offense,” as the press release explains, and those whose licenses are suspended have a right to request a hearing on the matter. Florida has previously suspended the concealed firearms licenses for 22 other people in connection to the Capitol riot, meaning that Capitol riot-tied suspensions of concealed firearms licenses in Florida now stand at a full 28. Fried herself pointedly commented as follows:

‘The storming of the Capitol on January 6th where we witnessed acts of violence and domestic terrorism intended to undermine our democratic institutions shook our nation to its core – and its impact continues to be felt every day. The individuals involved must be held accountable for their treasonous actions. While Florida has the shameful distinction of being home to the largest proportion of individuals charged in relation to the insurrection, our department has been using its lawful authority and carrying out its legal duty to suspend the licenses of anyone charged with disqualifying offenses.’

Fried added that “should further charges and sentences come down, we will enact further suspensions and revocations of licenses issued by our department as required by Florida statute.” The press release also notes that “Once a judgement is rendered, if the sentence disqualifies, [authorities in Fried’s government department] can and must revoke the license.” Most court cases involving Capitol rioters have not yet reached the judgment phase, as most defendants haven’t even accepted plea deals (although more likely will).

Florida has more Capitol riot defendants from it than any other state, although in terms of the proportions of its voting population, it’s not even nearly as “red” as certain other states around the country. Fried is running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in an attempt to topple Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis next year.