Gaetz’s Nightmare Appears To Be Coming True In Florida Investigation


Throughout the years of Trump’s presidency, his supporters came up with a massive conspiracy theory about Democrats and sex trafficking.A theory that inspired one man to drive to a pizza restaurant to search the non-existent basement where child sex slaves were being hidden. Turns out, they didn’t have to look to Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to find the child sex traffickers. It was right there in their own party the whole time.

Joel Greenberg, the former tax collector of Seminole County, Florida, is currently in court facing serious criminal consequences for 33 criminal counts including theft, stalking, sex trafficking, and cryptocurrency fraud. He has admitted to knowingly pursuing underage girls to travel on business trips for sex purposes.

In court on Monday, Greenberg attorney Roger Handberg noted that his client is a  “prolific criminal,” but added that “Mr. Greenberg was not alone.” The judge granted a second extension for his sentencing hearing after Handberg argued that he had a lot more information to offer prosecutors in his case. The information he’s already given has caused a lot of speculation about Greenberg’s friend and frequent business trip partner, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

According to CNN:

‘At a brief hearing in Orlando federal court Monday, Roger Handberg, an assistant US attorney, said that Greenberg has made allegations to investigators that “take us to some places we did not anticipate.” “What investigators do is they follow up on that to try to corroborate the information that’s been provided,” Handberg said.’

Officials at the Department of Justice say that Gaetz should be very nervous about the information Greenberg is giving up. Former federal prosecutor who worked at the Justice Department for more than a decade said that “it doesn’t bode well that his friend and alleged partner in crime just took a plea deal.”

‘As part of his plea agreement, he was required to give “substantial assistance” to investigators as they build out related cases. His lawyer has said that Greenberg has held a series of proffers, or meetings, with the Justice Department.

‘Handberg did not say what investigations Greenberg was providing new information to authorities about, although CNN has reported that Greenberg has told the Justice Department about encounters he and Gaetz had with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex.’

The complicated and myriad crimes that Greenberg must answer for went on for many years and, his attorney says, require time to unravel. Although delaying sentencing twice is not a common occurrence, it appears that Greenberg is ready to throw anyone he can under the bus in order to avoid an extensively long sentence.

‘The hearing was held following a request by Greenberg’s attorney to delay Greenberg’s sentencing for a second time so that he could continue to provide information. The Justice Department had not opposed the request.

‘Handberg called the need for a second delay “unusual” but added the department was in an “unusual situation given the number of different investigations and lines of investigation we are pursuing.”‘