Liz Cheney Singles Out Trump Obsessed Traitorous Colleagues


The Republican Party ejected Liz Cheney (R-WY) out of her leadership position, yet she is one of only two Republicans who are leading now. Tuesday night she urged members of her party to do what is right, save our democracy. Yet, they sit silent, unable or unwilling to stand up to a tyrant, Donald Trump. This is what Cheney said.

The other Republican with her is Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who said that he may lose his job, but in 30 years he will be able to look himself in the mirror.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter spoke during the Select Committee’s vote to hold Steve Bannon, a member of the Trump low flying club, accountable for not honoring its subpoena. During his  criminal referral to the Department of Justice (DOJ) she gave a postscript (PS):

‘Let me add one further thought, principally for my Republican colleagues.

‘We all agree that America is the greatest nation on the face of God’s earth. Truth, justice, and our Constitution have made America great.’

Cheney was urging her Grand Old Party (GOP) to remember what it once was. She held them accountable for what they knew, that “January 6th was profoundly wrong:”

‘Almost all of you know in your hearts that what happened on January 6th was profoundly wrong.’

‘You know that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud sufficient to overturn the election; you know that the Dominion voting machines were not corrupted by a foreign power. You know those claims are false. Yet President Trump repeats them almost daily.’

Then, she turned to the ex-president, telling her colleagues that Trump embodied “national self-destruction:”

‘He has now urged Republicans not to vote in the 2022 and 2024 elections. This is a prescription for national self-destruction.’

The Business Insider reported that she said earlier in the Select Committee that Bannon’s and the former president’s use of executive privilege:

‘[They] appear to reveal one thing: They suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of January 6, and this committee will get to the bottom of that.”

Then, she appealed to their sense of “right and wrong” and their duty to our country:

‘I ask my colleagues: please consider the fundamental question of right and wrong here. The American people must know what happened. They must know the truth. All of us who are elected officials must do our duty to prevent the dismantling of the rule of law, and to ensure nothing like that dark day in January ever happens again.’

Author of Camelot’s End and host of The Long Game, Jon Ward tweeted:

‘An appeal from Liz Cheney to her Republican colleagues in Congress, at the close of her opening statement at the criminal referral hearing for Bannon’

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