DC Officer Michael Fanone Singles Out Trump For Betraying America


During a new appearance on MSNBC, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone spoke about what the country needs as it moves forward from the events of January 6, when Trump supporters violently attacked the Capitol complex in an attempt to forcibly stop the formal certification by Congress of the presidential election outcome. A number of rioters have directly tied their actions to previous remarks by Trump, who incited the violence with his lies that the election had somehow been rigged for Biden and his calls for his supporters to take action. Fanone was among those who bore the brunt of the result — he was among those defending the Capitol, where he was physically assaulted to the point of sustaining a heart attack.

On MSNBC, Fanone spoke about the need for “accountability” for those involved in what took place at the Capitol. He also singled out Trump, characterizing the former president as having cravenly “exploited” the “divisiveness” in the United States “for his own personal gain.” Fanone commented as follows:

‘All I want, and [all that] a lot of my colleagues that I speak with want, is accountability for that day. Me, I want accountability both at the micro level, which includes individuals who are criminally culpable for their actions on January 6, lawmakers whose rhetoric may have incited or maybe they committed some overt action which resulted in the events of January 6. I want law enforcement to learn lessons from what happened that day. But on a macro level, I want this country to engage in a broader discussion that’s above politics. Donald Trump, ultimately, I don’t believe was responsible for bringing us to where we’re at, the divisiveness that exists in this country. He just exploited it for his own personal gain. But if we’re not going to have that conversation, we’re not going to engage in it honestly, we’re doomed to repeat the activities of January 6.’

Watch Fanone below:

Trump has repeatedly defended the people who took part in the violence of January 6. In a statement that he issued just this week, he said in reference to his false election fraud claims that the real “insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!” He is essentially excusing the savage violence inflicted upon Fanone and others as merely an expression of “protest.”