Majorie Green & Liz Cheney Get Into Wild Verbal Altercation


Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) haunts the halls of our Capitol Building trying to pick arguments with Democrats, but she appears top be on the edge of what most people consider sanity. This is her latest spooky encounter.

Greene really has it out for a few select individuals, one of them a member of her own party. The House had just voted to send Donald Trump ally Steve Bannon’s case over to the Department of Justice for refusing to honor the House January 6 Select Committee’s subpoena, according to CNN.

Committee Vice chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) was walking with another member Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) outside of the building when suddenly before our very eyes, who appeared but the screaming meemie, Greene.

This was a continuation of her attack of the two representatives on the House floor during the vote, according to The Business Insider. She shouted at them for looking into the insurrection, asking why they were not going after the Black Lives Matter protests last summer instead:

‘Why don’t you guys investigate something that matters for the people?’

Messing with Cheney is a very bad idea. She aimed her verbal arrow directly at the Georgia representative and referred to “Jewish space lasers.” Greene returned fire:

‘I never said that, Liz.’

The weird WQanon conspiracy theory was one where the Greene posted on Facebook. Technically, she was accurate. Her actual quote was “increased Jewish-space-laser activity,” and a reference to the Rothschilds, according to The New York Magazine Intelligencer:

‘You’ll have to ask the Rothschilds that. But it can’t be anything good.’

Representative Raskin explained the ordeal to reporters later and said that they:

‘[G]ot into a back and forth about Jewish space lasers.’

Congressional reporter Michael McAuliff spoke to Raskin. This is their conversation:

‘Raskin: “And I said, “Oh, like when Kyle Rittenhouse went and killed two people at the BLM protest?” And she said, “Why don’t you represent the American people?” And I said, “We represent the American people, in fact, the vast majority of American people.”‘

Screen-Shot-2021-10-22-at-8.47.52-AM Majorie Green & Liz Cheney Get Into Wild Verbal Altercation Crime Featured Mental Illness Politics Top Stories

The Maryland Democrat continued, saying that she “started screaming:”

‘Raskin: “And then [MTG] started screaming, I don’t know. She starts screaming at Liz… I can’t remember exactly what she said, but they got into a back and forth about Jewish space lasers.”’

Screen-Shot-2021-10-22-at-8.47.39-AM Majorie Green & Liz Cheney Get Into Wild Verbal Altercation Crime Featured Mental Illness Politics Top Stories

Greene even goes after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), according to The Washington Post:

‘You know, we can look back in a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star, and they were definitely treated like second-class citizens — so much so that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany. And this is exactly the type of abuse that Nancy Pelosi is talking about.’


The House’s final vote on holding Bannon in contempt of Congress was 229-202. In a surprise move, nine members of the Grand Old Party (GOP) voted with the Democrats.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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