Another 2020 Republican Election Audit Confirms Biden Victory


An audit of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin has now concluded with the finding that the process was not marked by any sort of systematic fraud. In other words, contrary to claims from former President Donald Trump and prominent allies of his, the presidential election was not somehow stolen on behalf of Joe Biden, who counted Wisconsin among the states that he won. Other post-election examinations of the process in key states like Arizona, Georgia, and elsewhere have also concluded that no systematic election fraud was present. In fact, nowhere in the country has a single piece of legitimate evidence ever emerged — ever — in support of Trump’s election fraud claims.

The just concluded Wisconsin audit was conducted by an entity called the Legislative Audit Bureau, which had been tasked with looking at last year’s presidential election by the Wisconsin state legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee. The audit did end with “dozens of recommendations on how the state might improve its elections,” the Associated Press notes, in addition to findings that election-related laws were applied inconsistently across the state, but Republican state Sen. Robert Cowles (a co-chair of the Audit Committee) observed as follows:

‘Despite concerns with statewide elections procedures, this audit showed us that the election was largely safe and secure. It’s my hope that we can now look at election law changes & agency accountability measures in a bipartisan manner based on these nonpartisan recommendations.’

There is another investigation of last year’s presidential election in Wisconsin underway at the order of Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, and that additional audit effort has already culminated in a legal challenge. Democratic Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul has asked a court to block a subpoena issued by auditor and conservative former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for Meagan Wolfe, who serves as the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

It wasn’t immediately clear how that legal struggle might turn out — but it was pretty clear that, no matter what any audit anywhere concluded, Trump and co. would continue to push their lies that the election was stolen. Recently, Trump also explicitly excused the Capitol riot (again), which took place under the inspiration of his election lies. He said that the “insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!”