‘Cowboys For Trump’ Leader Abandons Ship As MAGA Support Fades


From November 2016 to January 2021, every sane person in the United States watched Trump supporters, wondering what it would take for them to see the con man they seemed to worship. That moment finally came after a powerful supporter was charged due to his participation in the insurrection.

Couy Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, told a crowd of QAnon followers that Trump had failed him and every other participant in the insurrection because Trump supporters were locked up and Hillary Clinton wasn’t, despite their strong desire to stay out of prison but Trump’s 2016 opponent be arrested and jailed.

In the video, Griffin says that:

‘We supported President Trump because of his fight for justice as well, and for four years we cried “Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up.”… What did the president tell us? “If I was in charge of the law, you’d be in jail.” OK, Mr. President, you were in charge of the law for four years. At the end of your four year time, the only ones that were locked up were men like me, and others like me, that have stood by the president the strongest.”’

Griffin has become a well-known figure among his supporters and QAnon believers as he, for the entire four years of Trump’s presidency, insisted that Trump had a divine mandate and was sent by God to save the country.

The Daily Beast reported a review of the documentary Four Hours at the Capitol, in which Griffin is described prior to his change of heart on Trump that:

‘Listening to “Cowboys for Trump” bigwig Couy Griffin, who believes Trump was divinely chosen to rule, and “activist filmmaker” Nick Alvear, who babbles on about Trump’s support for their mission to save 800,000+ kids from sexual slavery (QAnon alert!), is to be confronted with the basic fact that the Jan. 6 insurrectionists weren’t just criminals, but also lunatic zealots consumed with nonsense.’

Griffin, who is an elected County Commissioner in New Mexico, has not yet faced all of the consequences he should have. Not only did a judge overturn the decision to charge him after he was arrested and spent around two weeks in jail and he has, so far, not even lost his job.

According to POLITICO:

‘Last month, Griffin defeated efforts to recall him as county commissioner in southern New Mexico. Under state rules, a recall petition needs an amount of signatures that’s equal to 33.3 percent of participation in the last election, and the petition fell short of the required signatures for a special election to be held.’