‘The Lincoln Project’ Clobbers Virginia GOP In Defense Of McAuliffe


The dark money behind Donald Trump wants us to believe that Glenn Youngkin is just a normal Republican politician. But he is not. In a dead-heat Virginia governor’s race, Youngkin tries to stand as far away from the ex-president as possible. The Lincoln Project isn’t letting that happen.

A viral video highlights former Governor Terry McAuliffe. We have seen all that he has accomplished in the state, such as his work in education. He is a man committed to serving the people of Virginia. That is why President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, and tonight President Joe Biden are campaigning for him.

The Lincoln Project has focused our attention upon who Youngkin is. These former Republicans used to brilliantly go after Democrats. But when their party left them, they decided to make certain that Trump could no longer serve — in person or by proxy.

And the latest Lincoln Project ads says:

‘The choice is stark.’

Check out their latest powerful ad here.

‘There are two choices on the ballot this November: Virginia or Trump.’

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