‘The Lincoln Project’ Taunts Trump For Being Shunned In Virginia


With a video released this week, the anti-Trump conservative group known as The Lincoln Project went directly after former President Trump, mockingly telling him that he was being “played” by Virginia GOP gubernatorial pick Glenn Youngkin. Trump endorsed Youngkin, but the Virginia Republican candidate has seemed to keep his distance from the former president — for what could be considered obvious reasons. Trump isn’t exactly known for building winning coalitions. In Virginia, he lost — twice.

Election Day in the Virginia gubernatorial election is next month, with Youngkin running against Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, who is himself a former governor. McAuliffe has enjoyed the support of prominent Democrats like voting rights activist Stacey Abrams and President Joe Biden, but polls have shown the race to be close. In the new Lincoln Project video, a narrator says as follows:

‘Oh Donald. It’s happening again. You made Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he was nothing. That’s why Glenn Youngkin has banned you from coming to Virginia. He thinks you’re a loser, and you’ll make him one too. He’s embarrassed of you. He wants you to stay away — far away. Glenn Youngkin — just another RINO stabbing you in the back.’

Check out the video below:

The Lincoln Project also released yet another video in their ongoing series called “Last Week in the Republican Party,” showcasing some of the utter absurdity that has defined the Republican Party’s operations for the preceding week. Among other examples, Rudy Giuliani released a bizarre video in which he made himself look like Abraham Lincoln, conservative commentator Candace Owens flippantly suggested an invasion of Australia by the U.S. military, and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) self-confidently proclaimed on the Senate floor that the upcoming holiday season is apparently “already being referred to as Biden’s blue Christmas” because of supply chain issues. Republicans really want the whole “Biden is stealing Christmas” idea to be a thing.

Watch that below: