Alexander Vindman Hits Tucker Carlson For Betraying Democracy


Fox host Tucker Carlson has a troubling documentary series on the way in which a guest suggests that the January assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters could have been a “false flag” operation, meaning something designed to look like a Trump-inspired assault although — as the theory goes — it actually wasn’t. This idea is completely disconnected from the basic facts of the situation: hundreds of real-world Trump supporters have been caught and charged for their documented actions at the Capitol, with many of these individuals having since entered guilty pleas, admitting to their crimes. Ret. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman joined those criticizing Carlson for the nonsense.

As Vindman put it:

‘[Carlson] is an anarchist; an arsonist of American democracy. How is this different than yelling fire in a crowded theater? Carlson is attempting to incite a riotous mob. He should be censured. I’d like to hear the arguments for/against this being protected speech.’

See below:

Again: there’s no legitimate basis whatsoever for the suggestion that the Capitol attack even could have been a so-called false flag operation. The notion could be even more insane then the idea that systematic election fraud was responsible for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election victory — and that’s saying something, since systematic election fraud claims are totally nuts to begin with! On a practical level, it’s disturbing that an outlet as purportedly mainstream as Fox News is willing to help push delusions such as this one — Carlson’s documentary series is coming out through Fox, rather than as some kind of separate thing.

Besides the “false flag” idiocy, a promotional video released for the Carlson documentary series contains another guest insisting that factions on the Left are “hunting” people on the political Right, which is — again — totally cuckoo. These people sound like they live in an imaginary fantasy world at this point, totally ignoring the basic reality in front of them. No, Tucker, you’re not some kind of persecuted leader of the rebels against some kind of dictatorial monster. You’re just a clown, who’s willing to gloss over issues like people living in preventable poverty and dying from preventable diseases in the U.S. while you make a buck.