Capitol Officer Trashes Tucker Carlson For Being A Traitor


During an appearance on CNN this week, Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn — who was among those defending the Capitol during the attack on the premises by Trump supporters in January — went after Fox host Tucker Carlson for a newly announced documentary series led by him in which a guest suggests that the Capitol riot could have been a false flag operation. That would mean that it was designed to look like an attack by Trump supporters, although — according to the theory — it was actually no such thing. Such a notion is utterly ridiculous and flies in the face of the facts.

For starters, hundreds and hundreds of real-world Trump supporters have been caught and charged by federal authorities for their documented actions at the Capitol. Many of those who’ve been charged have entered guilty pleas, formally admitting to what they did. What about the many officers who were seriously injured by the rampaging mob? Would Carlson have us believe that it’s a remotely sane possibility that they’re just faking it or somehow “in on it”?

On CNN, host Anderson Cooper pointedly asked Dunn as follows:

‘What goes through your mind when you hear that a major media platform, that a lot of people take their cues from, is now producing what they are calling a documentary about conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on the Capitol?’

Dunn replied with the following:

‘If that isn’t fear-mongering, I don’t know what really is. That little [preview] right there. It made me angry just watching it again… It just made me angry. That’s very irresponsible for that to be released. [Carlson] has such a huge following, such a huge amount of people that believe the things that he says, and it’s very irresponsible to release something like that because it’s not accurate. It’s somebody’s opinion, but it’s not the facts though.’

Watch Dunn below:

Among Republicans, it’s not just Carlson spreading falsehoods and whitewashing surrounding the Capitol attack. Former President Donald Trump has publicly complained about descriptions of what went on at the Capitol as anything other than a mere “protest.” Referencing his false election fraud claims, he said in a recent public statement that the “insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!” The GOP standard-bearer — and likely presumptive 2024 Republican Party presidential nominee — is openly excusing mass physical assaults on police officers who were simply trying to do their jobs.