Liz Cheney Goes After Fox News For Destroying Democracy


On Thursday night, Fox News’ favorite white supremacist, Tucker Carlson, dedicated time to attacking Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) over her refusal to appear on his race-baiting, replacement theory touting, “Jan. 6 was a false flag” lying television show. He called her childish and, even funnier considering that he voted for the twice-impeached ex-president who never won the popular vote, a liar. Cheney, however, had a few receipts.

Carlson complained about Liz Cheney turning down an offer to appear on his show to discuss Jan. 6, 2021, where Trump supporters staged an insurrection that Carlson says was “a false flag” targeting “conservatives” in a new special he plans to air. Cheney’s office declined his invitation via email and Cheney addressed it on social media, tagging Carlson’s employer and the higher-ups at Fox News.

The long-time Trump-shipping news host, with absolutely no self-awareness or irony whatsoever, complained that “sniping over social media can be amusing but it’s not really the way adults communicate with each other.” He must have missed all the “sniping” Trump did while in office before being banned on social media.

Going even further, the man who once tried to bring back bow ties and nearly cried when confronted in his local fishing gear store after telling viewers to do just that with liberal politicians, accused the only woman in the Republican Party to call out Donald Trump for his lies “not simply a liar, [but] also a coward.”

Carlson’s little rant wasn’t quite the full story, which is not a surprise from a man who openly admits that he lies when he’s cornered and his own colleagues at Fox News are calling out for the lies in his new domestic terror-apologist “news” special. Carlson’s office never called to invite Cheney onto his show, they sent an email. He told viewers she refused because she’s a coward but never told them the very common sense reason Cheney’s office had given for her refusal in that email, which said:

‘Tucker has had countless opportunities to explain to his viewers that the election was no stolen. Instead, he continues to promote dangerous conspiracies using the language that provoked violence against law enforcement and our Capitol on January 6th. Liz will not participate in that.’

Instead of reading that email to viewers to show any kind of honesty in his reporting, Carlson snickered and said that Fox News is not CNN and doesn’t censor its hosts. Of course, CNN doesn’t allow its hosts to spread dangerous lies and conspiracy theories about stolen elections, faulty vote tabulating machines, COVID-19, the white supremacist “white replacement theory,” or the insurrection, either. Perhaps his employers should consider removing that dangerous rhetoric from their airwaves before literally everyone other than the Proud Boys and the KKK refuses to come on Tucker Carlson’s show. Liz Cheney, meanwhile, doesn’t appear bothered by Carlson’s tantrum.