Hillary Clinton Gives Post Election Pep-Talk For Dems To Fight Back


What happened in Virginia Tuesday night? Democrats lost, big time. Rather than sit around pouting, though, our politicians need to realize they did it to themselves. Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits may be stuck in the last decade, but she brought out her no-nonsense message first thing. Dems need to suck it up, get their attitudes adjusted, see all they did wrong, change their strategies, and get a move-on. There is absolutely no time to lose.

She is right. Dems fought for the governorship — hard. But they used old tactics. Would she be sitting around feeling sorry for herself if she was more deeply involved in the party? Absolutely not. She would be doing exactly what President Joe Biden is doing, fighting.

After all, it does not matter how hard people row if they are listing over a waterfall. No matter how hard former Governor Terry McAuliffe fought, he was yesterday’s news. It is time for her fellow party members in Washington, D.C. to realize this is about more than their big petty wish lists. They need to realize this is about saving America. Listen to Clinton. Her message is “fight.”

She tweeted “fighting for what’s right is always worth it:”

Win or lose, fighting for what’s right is always worth it. Congratulations to @ericadamsfornyc, @wutrain, @shontelmbrown, and @aftabpureval for historic wins—and thank you to @terrymcauliffe and team for fighting hard in Virginia. Onward.’

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Then, Clinton closed with this send-off, “Onward.”

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