Protesters Boldly Confront Joe Manchin For Obstructing Biden Agenda


On Thursday, activists affiliated with the environmental advocacy group known as the Sunrise Movement confronted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) after he disembarked from his yacht on his way to the Capitol. The activists showed up in protest of Manchin’s consistent obstruction of the Build Back Better framework, which consists of trillions in proposed spending, including investments in fighting climate change. Although Democrats could pass the framework on their own because of the exemption of certain budget-related bills from the Senate’s filibuster rules, Manchin has been among the few opting to stand in the way.

The environmental activists who confronted Manchin chanted “We want to live!” and displayed a banner stating that Manchin is “killing our future for profit.” Although the plan remains under development ahead of potentially imminent votes in Congress, a more moderate version recently unveiled by President Joe Biden still included some $555 billion in what The Wall Street Journal described as “clean energy and climate investments.” That includes “$320 billion in 10-year expanded tax credits for utility-scale and residential renewable energy, transmission, electric vehicles and clean energy manufacturing,” the Journal explains. The urgency of fighting climate change could hardly be overstated as climate-related disasters continue to unfold around the country and world — but Manchin has nonetheless not been moved to action.

Check out footage of the protesters showing up to meet Manchin on Thursday below:

After initially meeting up with Manchin, demonstrators appear to have actually surrounded his car. Check out images of that portion of the Thursday confrontation by clicking on the post below:

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), another so-called moderate Democratic Senator who has stood in the way of key elements of the social spending agenda, has also faced steep opposition, and it’s not just come in the form of isolated protests, either. A political action committee (PAC) called the Primary Sinema PAC was recently unveiled, providing a somewhat united front for Arizona Democrats who are interested in launching a primary challenge against Sinema the next time that she is up for re-election. A recent survey found Sinema losing by substantial margins to potential Democratic primary challengers.