Kinzinger Taunts ‘RINO Sellout’ Trump & Urges ’24 Primary


Is Donald Trump a Republican? The Republicans jump at his every sneeze, but how does he feel about the not-so-Grand Old Party? We wonder whether he will just keep playing the victim after 2020, or will he help his party in the midterm 2022 elections? The biggest question is, what are his plans for the 2024 presidential election?

ABC’s Jonathan Karl wrote about Trump in his book Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show, which Penguin Randomhouse will publish November 16. Trump was speaking with the Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel on his final Air Force One trip:

‘I’m done. I’m starting my own party.’

McDaniel told him that they would “lose forever,” but at that point, the ex-president said it did not matter. The RNC had to threaten to take Trump’s email list among other threats, to make him stop.

But even so, once the ex-president utters a thought, it tends to linger forever. Was Trump a Republican in name only (RINO)? Maybe.

One Republican who announced he was leaving office also had the rare courage to sit on the House January 6 Select Committee. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) probably knew more about Trump than any of the Republicans not on the Committee. He tweeted:

‘Trump is a RINO sellout. Primary him!!! I’m done: Trump’s post-Jan. 6 threat to GOP comes to light: The Note.’

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The least liked senator in the Senate Ted Cruz (R-TX) was in Las Vegas for the RNC donor and potential presidential candidates roundup. He said, ABC News reported:

‘President Trump’s single most redeeming characteristic — the man has a steel backbone and he doesn’t back down.’

Republicans should remember how Donald Trump treated his “friends.” They had to pledge their dying allegiance to him. But it was a one-way relationship. As soon as they were of no further use to him, he tossed them off of his pinnacle of power.

On the other hand, many members of the not-so-Grand Old Party had their doubts about the ex-president. Certainly, governor-elect Youngkin (R-VA) kept his distance. Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) who will be in the Republican primary for New York governor said:

‘There are plenty of New Yorkers who love him, there are plenty of New Yorkers out there who don’t.’

‘With regards to anyone when you talk about endorsements, there are people who that endorsement means an awful lot to and we’re gonna be smart in how we approach this campaign.’

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