Judge Orders Part Of Trump Inaugural Committee Lawsuit To Trial


The corruption of the past administration is like an evil octopus with six arms and two legs reaching into every aspect of the Donald Trump reign. Of course, that administration was missing the creature’s high-order cognitive behaviors. Sure the ex tried to overthrow the American government in half a dozen ways, but that was not all. It appears that deception and manipulation ran throughout his entire presidency. Get this.

Washington, DC Attorney General (AG) Karl Racine filed a lawsuit charging the ex-president’s 2017 Presidential Inaugural Committee of mismanaging nonprofit money. The suit charged the committee of paying far too much for event space owned by the then-president.

On Monday, a Washington Superior Court ruled that his case could go to trial. However, the judge also threw out the AG’s “waste” charge due to the heavy burden of proof that AG Racine would need to win it. Apparently, the law demanded waste be:

‘[S]o far beyond the bounds of reasonable business judgment that its only explanation was bad faith.’

A spokesperson for the AG released a statement after Judge Lopez ruled, CNN reported:

‘Our lawsuit is moving forward and going to trial. The Inaugural Committee misspent more than $1 million in nonprofit funds to unlawfully benefit private interests. We cannot allow those in power to get away with using money to illegally enrich themselves and their families.’

The AG’s office spoke to CNN, too. It will try again to depose the Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg along with other company executives. This summer, the CFO was indicted for tax fraud by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. And of course, Weisselberg pled not guilty.

Racine charged in his lawsuit that the inaugural committee and the Trump family of the “grossly overpay” for events held in early 2017 at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. It claimed the committee blew about one million dollars of charitable money on leasing the spaces during the inaugural period.

The suit could continue only on the basis of whether the committee overpaid for inaugural space, which the judge ruled was an appropriate basis for a trial.

Lopez wrote in his decision:

‘Did higher ranking Trump family officials have the ability to control the workings of the PIC [Presidential Inaugural Committee]. Did members of the PIC ignore internal recommendations to pay the Trump Hotel for services that could have been offered for free? If so, did they make those payments for strategic reasons, or for other purposes?’

AG Racine argued that non-profits’ money was strictly monitored. For example, it could not be used to enhance an individual. The AG argued that Trump’s Inaugural Committee was complicit in paying far more for space than the market price.

In addition, it did not even consider less expensive venues. It appeared that the committee even paid Trump for times when the hotel held no events.

 The illegal payments included, according to The DCist:

‘[He charged] that the committee had illegally overpaid for a ballroom at the Trump International Hotel for Trump’s 2017 inauguration celebration. The nonprofit booked the room over objections from committee staff and Trump aides, who said the charges were exorbitant and that the committee should consider other options, including the National Gallery of Art, which had offered up space for free.’

The lawsuit asked for over one million dollars to be returned from the Trump family and given to a more deserving nonprofit.

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