Trump Loving Rioter Caught & Arrested For Assaulting Capitol Police


Yet another Capitol rioter has been arrested for assaulting police while on the Capitol grounds during the violence in January. This time, it’s Alabama resident Gregory Lamar Nix, whose charges now include civil disorder and assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers — which are felony offenses. Scott Fairlamb, another Capitol rioter, was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to a pair of felony offenses including assault on law enforcement, and he received a 41-month stint in jail, which works out to three years and five months. It seems safe to assume that Nix can expect a similarly substantive sentence, even if he opts to plead guilty instead of going to trial.

Per a press release from the Justice Department, “[At] approximately 2:21 p.m. on Jan. 6, video footage captures Nix banging the end of a white flagpole against the East House Doors, attempting to breach the U.S. Capitol building. Approximately six minutes later, Nix physically assaulted an officer with the U.S. Capitol Police, striking him with the flagpole and then thrusting and throwing the object at him.” Shortly thereafter, Nix “attempted to smash the East House Doors’ glass panes with a black baton,” according to that same press release. Eventually, Nix joined those going inside of the Capitol building.

Nix is among over 210 individuals and counting who have been charged for assaulting police in connection to the Capitol riot. Fairlamb was the first individual to be sentenced on such a charge, meaning in part that there’s still a chance that future sentences could vary considerably, especially in the event that a defendant decides to go to trial instead of accepting responsibility with a guilty plea. Those more than 210 rioters who’ve been charged with assaulting police in some form are among over 675 rioters who have been charged in connection to their participation in the storming of the Capitol. The House committee investigating the Capitol riot is continuing its work to ascertain the nature of the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the violence, and this week, the panel issued 16 new subpoenas to individuals in the former president’s orbit, hoping to compel the release of information.

On MSNBC, committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) explained those subpoenas by saying that “the people we wanted to talk to directly now are people who we think have evidence as to what really went on in terms of the planning of the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally that morphed into an insurrection, and we want to see whether or not they actually contributed to that insurrection.” Watch Thompson below: