Biden Admin Clowns On Trump For His Fake Shadow Government


As the years of Trump’s presidency turned toward his eventual demise, the tightening circle around Trump lauded his actions. It was that or earn an eternal place on his enemies list. Not only does the former president apparently believe he is the emperor, he is acting on that premise. So President Joe Biden’s White House has to rein in the former president, and humor is the best way to do that, Yahoo News reported.

Trump announced that he sent an “envoy ambassador” to the border between Kosovo and Serbia. What? There, tensions are at a critical point. Belarus lured thousands of Middle Eastern refugees to that border with the promise they could enter Poland, according to The New York Times. That was a lie. Worse, the immigrants who have been camping along the border are ill-prepared for the oncoming winter.

But the ex-president cannot send an envoy ambassador there. World leaders have long written 45 off. The G7 members even mocked the ex-president while he was in office, according to The Independent.

The Politico’s Report David Freelander tweeted:

‘The former president has an envoy ambassador and is conducting foreign policy.’

Then, Real Clear Politics White House Reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann retweeted it:

‘NEW: “Outside of his very active imagination, Donald Trump is no longer President and doesn’t have any ‘envoy ambassadors’ representing the United States,” a White House official tells me in response to this:’

Screen-Shot-2021-11-12-at-9.41.11-AM Biden Admin Clowns On Trump For His Fake Shadow Government Donald Trump Featured Mental Illness Politics Top Stories

CNN previously reported on Trump’s grand delusion, the “Big Lie.” And Yahoo News wrote about his purported “Cabinet” meetings. Even Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows announced his former boss was “a president who is fully engaged, highly focused and remaining on task.”

But is he “delusional?” The Salon reported that he is not:

‘He (Trump) holds onto his “delusion” because it has successfully kept him the cult leader of the aggrieved and the victimized. His “delusion” has made him the pied piper of the Republican Party.’

Salon argued that the ex’s actions might not be psychotic. Instead, that was an “excuse:”

‘Calling Trump psychotic misses the point. It creates an excuse for a man who deserves none. Trump is a fearful, vindictive, anti-American megalomaniac. It is this combination of features that accounts for his “condition” or “state” since leaving office on Jan. 20. Trump is terrified because he is looking down the barrel of a long list of potential criminal charges.’

Delusion or manipulation, President Biden gets how to deflate that balloon.

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