Stacey Abrams Makes Public Promise To Protect Democracy From GOP


Joe Biden has turned into a Clydesdale when America thought we were voting into office a normal old American Quarter Horse. He wants to transform the entire country for our future. That is good. But what about 2024?

He would just have turned 83-years-old. But if not President Biden, then who? One dark-horse candidate wields remarkable power, and her name is Stacey Abrams (D-GA). She ran for Governor but lost to a guy whose job it was to monitor the votes.

Abrams appeared on CNN with  Erin Burnett’s Out Front show on Monday. The host asked her if a White House run was in her future should the sitting president decide to stop. Burnett was referencing an article in The Politico:

‘Is that something you would consider?’

But President Biden’s or Abrams runs could be moot. For now, Abrams has brought her considerable dynamic force to enacting the John Lewis Voting Act. Without it, Republicans in a number of states could just overturn their election should they not like the (Democratic) outcome. That would spell doom for America.

The Georgia politician has been directing her energy toward the voting act for now:

‘My focus, my consideration, my efforts, my energy is being poured into making certain that we pass the Freedom to Vote Act, that we pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and that we can have a conversation about elections after we do the work of protecting the democracy that undergirds those contests.’

In a tweet, Politico’s White House Correspondent Alex Thompson said:

‘Biden says he’s running again Not all Dems believe him And Harris almost certainly won’t clear the field Booker boosting Manchester mayor this fall and keeping in touch w/ folks Amy making the rounds Abrams in the mix and Pete, obvi…’

Screen-Shot-2021-11-16-at-10.29.18-AM Stacey Abrams Makes Public Promise To Protect Democracy From GOP Domestic Policy Featured National Security Politics Top Stories

Then Thompson tweeted about Abrams’ appearance on CNN where Burnett asked if she would run. Take a look:

‘.@ErinBurnett just asked @staceyabrams about @EugeneDaniels2 and my story and whether she would consider running in 2024 if Biden doesn’t.

‘She doesn’t say no’

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