Hillary Clinton Rallies Democrats Against GOP Nonsense


Hillary Clinton may not have won the presidency, but she still carries an enormous amount of political power. Tuesday, Clinton stepped up to tackle voter fraud and reproductive rights which have something important in common.

Republicans up and down the elector line have installed voting laws that would prohibit women from voting, especially single women with children. These Republican yahoos cut everything from the number of hours the polls were open to closing weekend voting — all for sake of nonexistent voter fraud, all to bring Donald Trump back into office.

Well, Clinton had something to say about that:

‘Voter fraud is such a myth that its most outspoken critics have to commit the fraud themselves to find an example of it.’

Screen-Shot-2021-11-17-at-3.33.31-PM Hillary Clinton Rallies Democrats Against GOP Nonsense Featured Feminism Politics Top Stories Women's Rights

The second lie that Clinton addressed in Tuesday’s tweets was women’s and girl’s right to birth control. There is a movement among the ultra-right-wing guys to keep women in the home instead of having a career or just being able to exist. Certainly, if there was no birth control available to these women, how many children would they have? And could they even afford to take jobs outside of their home at all given the cost of daycare?

What kind of a world would we live in if women no longer had access to birth control? That is a hard idea to wrap our minds around. After all, it has been easily available for over half a century. One woman in the Kansas City area wanted no children, and her husband wanted a dozen. They compromised with 10.

Secretary Clinton was spot on when she said “Reproductive rights are human right:”

Reproductive rights are human rights, and access to birth control is crucial to those freedoms. We’ll defend its availability and affordability just like we defend access to other necessary health care.’ 

Screen-Shot-2021-11-17-at-3.31.33-PM Hillary Clinton Rallies Democrats Against GOP Nonsense Featured Feminism Politics Top Stories Women's Rights Women deserve to have the same rights that men have which include the ability to vote easily and the right to control their own bodies. Clinton remains women’s advocate.

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