Lauren Boebert Ditched By Local News Anchor For Being A Failure


During a recent broadcast, Denver-area news anchor Kyle Clark clobbered some of the recent antics in which Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has been involved. Clark also criticized the fact that observers, including journalists, have held Boebert to a lower standard than other officials in that they’ve allowed outrageous words and deeds on her part to go sometimes unchallenged. That lack of continued attention on Boebert’s conduct is despite the fact that she continuously engages in nonsense like her recent description of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who is Muslim and was born in Somalia before becoming a U.S. citizen, as part of the “Jihad squad.” Boebert described Omar that way in remarks on the House floor.

Meanwhile, Clark — who works for an NBC affiliate known as 9NEWS in Denver — commented as follows:

‘It’s time that we acknowledge something that may be obvious by now. We hold Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert to a different standard than every other elected official in Colorado. We hold Congresswoman Boebert to a far lower standard. If we held her to the same standard as every other elected Republican and Democrat in Colorado, we would be here near nightly, chronicling the cruel, false, and bigoted things that Boebert says for attention and fundraising.’

Poignantly, Clark added as follows:

‘This is not about politics, assuming politics is still about things like taxes, national security, health care, jobs, and public lands. This is about us, as journalists, recognizing that we’ll hold a politician accountable if they say something vile once, but we won’t do it if they do it every day. Our double standard is unfair to all the elected officials in Colorado, Republicans and Democrats, who display human decency.’

Watch Clark’s comments below:

Boebert has consistently proven to be one of the most ardently far-right members of Congress. Infamously, she tweeted on the day of the Capitol riot that the day was a “1776” moment, referring, of course, to the Revolutionary War. It was not long afterwards that Trump supporters, some of whom no doubt could have seen and been only further inspired by her comments, stormed the Capitol. Congress had been scheduled to certify the presidential election outcome that day, which the rioters hoped to stop.