Hillary Clinton Rallies Democrats Celebrating Biden infrastructure Win


What a remarkable time in history to be living. After four years living in the parched desert of the Republican-dominated landscape, we have begun to see what Democratic legislators and presidents can do for America. After weekly infrastructure jokes for years, our president made it so in just 10 months. Then on Friday, the House passed the transformational Build Back Better (BBB) “historic legislation.” Listen to Hillary Clinton.

This is the human infrastructure bill that provides for all Americans that which has been too difficult for conservative old white guys to imagine. Women in most families have no choice but to work. Yet, they are usually the ones responsible for the children and even the home. In other words, she is doing two full-time jobs. Now, families will finally get a break. Clinton tweeted about part of what this historic bill is all about:

  • Less expensive childcare
  • Pre-kindergarten for every child
  • Urgent climate action
  • Expanded Medicare
  • Capped elder drug costs.

But this is just the beginning of a new era. Now, in order for these changes to remain permanent, everyone must get out, vote, and more. We need to crush the Republican supposed lawmakers intent upon stealing back the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Democrats and Independents must realize that Donald Trump is the not-so-Grand Old Party leader. And he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch “Grim Reaper” McConnell (R-KY) will do anything and everything to win at any cost, so they are playing ultra-hardball. We are looking at living well in a Democracy such as the human infrastructure bill is giving us. Or allowing the Republicans behind the screen of deception to blow up our country’s government.

Finally, to all of our great reliefs and with all of us working together, American will be show herself as her next best thing. And as Hillary Clinton says, “[T]his is what it’s all about:”

‘Build Back Better is historic legislation that will: – Lower the cost of child care – Make pre-K a reality for every child in America – Invest in urgent climate action – Expand Medicare – Cap seniors’ out-of-pocket drug spending This is what it’s all about.’

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As MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says, “Watch this space.”

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