Trump/GOP Voter Fraud Claims Get Thoroughly Debunked By Evidence (Again)


The Big Lie is all about Democrats supposedly stealing the presidential election right out of Donald Trump’s jowly jaws. Take the deceased Rosemarie Hartle’s vote. It appeared that although she was dead, somehow she had managed to vote in the 2020 election. The Republicans made her bizarre case a diving platform into the Big Lie. Whoever used her vote committed fraud, a crime, they claimed. Well, now the truth raises its head.

She married Donald Kirk Hartle of Las Vegas. The registered Republican went on local TV to claim his “disbelief” that someone had taken his poor wife’s ballot and used it to give President Joe Biden a win. He claimed, CNN reported:

‘[It was pretty sickening.’

But as it turns out, Mrs. Hartle’s husband was the one who cast that Trump vote. The guy pled guilty of double voting in court. According to the judge:

‘[He pulled a] cheap political stunt that kind of backfired and shows that our voting system actually works because you were ultimately caught.’

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SOURCE: Donald Hartle via YouTube.

But wait. There was another voting crime, this time in Philadelphia. A woman managed to just keep on voting even though she had been dead quite some time. Alas, it was her son who pled guilty of using her vote to give Trump a win. The son said:

‘[I] listened to too much propaganda and made a stupid mistake.’

Political Science Professor and Director of the Elections & Voting Information Center at Reed College, Paul Gronke, noted that there has been the occasional verification miss, but voting twice was a felony:

‘No one claims that voter fraud never occurs. Multiple studies have examined the frequency of voting fraud, and it is extremely rare Voter impersonation fraud particular, which is what Mr. Hartle did when he forged his wife’s name, is even rarer nothing in this case is evidence that voting fraud is happening at a level that changes election outcomes.’

Then, there was the mysterious case of an Ohio man, long dead, also voting, NBC reported. His son claimed that it was just “an honest error” on his part. Truth be told:

‘[the son was just] trying to execute a dying man’s wishes.’

A Colorado man was arrested for killing his wife in 2021. She disappeared in mid-2020, but somehow, she managed to vote in the 2020 election. That man said he was innocent, and anyway, he knew she would have voted for Trump:

‘[He said] all these other guys are cheating.’

Nevada’s Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske gave the FBI 10 “questionable” cases of dead people voting to investigate. Ironic, isn’t it, that dead people voted Republican.

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