Federal Probe Of Paul Gosar Over Jan. 6 Communications Requested By Legislators


In the wake of the riot at the Capitol in January, a group of Arizona state legislators requested a federal investigation into connections to the violence held by individuals including Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), who was one of the more vocal members of the Congressional groups that were involved in efforts to overturn the election outcome. The letter outlining their request for an investigation just recently resurfaced after being released by the Justice Department in response to a lawsuit filed by Buzzfeed News under the Freedom of Information Act, seeking documents related to Justice Department dealings surrounding the attack on the Capitol.

As the legislators put it in their letter, which was addressed to then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and FBI Director Christopher Wray:

‘This was an attack on our country. As the full extent of the insurrection unfolds, we fervently urge you to investigate the federal and state lawmakers directly involved, as well as those who, through words and conduct, aided and abetted sedition, treason or any other federal crimes.’

Rosen is no longer on the job, but Wray remains in charge of the FBI. Since leaving his post, Rosen has testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, sharing details of internal pressure at the Justice Department to support Trump’s attempts to get Biden’s win thrown out.

As for Gosar, the Arizona legislators who singled him out in their January letter wrote as follows:

‘The events of January 6 were not spontaneous, nor were they the random acts of a diffuse handful of unconnected individuals. For weeks prior to the breach, a group of Republican Arizona legislators and legislators-elect publicly advocated for the overthrow of the election results which encouraged precisely the kind of violent conduct that we witnessed… One of the riot’s organizers, Ali Alexander, publicly claimed to have planned and organized the insurrection with Arizona Congressmen Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs… They did all of this in public… There is evidence to indicate that Arizona Representatives… Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs encouraged, facilitated, participated and possibly helped plan this anti-democratic insurrection on January 6.’

Check out their letter by clicking on the post below: