Hillary Clinton Shares Bipartisan Thanksgiving Message Of Hope


Hillary Clinton shared an inspirational Thanksgiving message with Americans on Thursday, noting “the greater opportunities to gather more safely with family and friends” this year, compared to the last. Those “greater opportunities” are present, of course, because of efforts to tamp down on the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Over the objections of certain Republicans, the Biden administration has rolled out a fittingly aggressive national vaccination program, including elements like outreach and vaccination requirements for both federal workers and employees at government contractors.

Alongside a family photo from years past, Hillary wrote on Twitter as follows:

‘Happy Thanksgiving! This one is all the more joyful for the greater opportunities to gather more safely with family and friends. Wishing you a wonderful and delicious holiday full of gratitude.’

In Trump’s Thanksgiving statement, he said that the present moment represents a “very interesting time in our Country, but do not worry, we will be great again—and we will all do it together.” In other words, he went right into political messaging on Thursday with his claim that the U.S. isn’t “great” at present — although just this week, the U.S. hit its lowest level of new unemployment claims across a single week since the start of the pandemic. For the week ending November 20, new unemployment claims reached 199,000 — finally getting back to pre-pandemic levels, after highs in the range of over 900,000 back in January and in the millions earlier in the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Clinton is continuing her advocacy against the Trump agenda. On MSNBC recently, she observed how “that’s truly what is behind Trump and his enablers, and those who invaded and attacked our Capitol — they don’t like the world we’re living in, and they have that in common with autocratic leaders from Russia to Turkey to Hungary to Brazil and so many other places, who are driven by personal power, and greed, and corruption.” Separately, she said that Americans “have to hold people accountable for their actions, particularly when those actions threaten our way of life, our rule of law, our future as a democracy.”